Female entry for NDA- is it good news?

Female entry for NDA- is it good news?


It has been a difficult journey for the female to have equal rights and opportunities in the male dominated  society. From suffrage to reservation in different fields of occupation and educational rights. In pre colonial times, when there were princely monarchies female were ordered only to do household works. So, the female didn’t have  any contribution in any other fields of economic development. On top of that they faced many unfair, unethical rituals like Sati system, Ghoonghat and Child marriage etc.

First female ruler Razia Sultana followed by Manikarnika were the some of the women who broke the norms and made the presence of female minds in administration and rule of an Empire.

Then comes pre independence era where there are many examples who made the presence of women and  put them in equal to the men. For example Sarojini Naidu, Annie Besant, Kasturba Gandhi and Kamla Nehru etc. They were the women freedom fighters and social reformers. with right to vote for women there were many steps which took to uplift the women in the society. These were all the females who stood up own their own at such time when suppression of female was dominant.

They all inspire our youth and all young girls to achieve big in their lives and give their best in life and should not feel any lesser than men.

After Independence government did many reforms to uplift the condition of women in the Indian society. A five year plan which include the women empowerment objectives, education for the women , medical facilities to lower  down the female mortality rate and increase the sex ratio in the country.

All the efforts to give equal respect and opportunities to the girls same as boys are showing results as in 21 st century Indian women are all over the world showcasing their potential and standing up proudly equal to the men. Be it be first woman prime minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi , Kalpna Chawla first Indian woman astronaut  similarly Sunita Williams who has the World record of staying for longest time duration in teh space, Mithali Raj ( Indian cricketer), PV sindhu ( badminton player Olympic medalist) , MC Mary Kom ( boxer), Sania Mirza ( tennis player), Indira Nooyi ( ceo pepsi co.), Aishwarya Rai ( miss world) , Sushmita Sen (Miss universe), Lata mangeshkar ( singer), Kiran Bedi ( IPS officer) and the list continues to infinity.

But only thing which it doesn’t have is women in defence or armed forces. It has been considered that as armed forces required physical strength , durability and stamina to stand and deliver in different terrain and difficult combat situations. Being said that Punita Arora was first woman to have three star rank in the armed forces in india.

Also, Women were allowed after few decades of the independence in Air force on the post of flying officers for example Gunjan Saxena. After performing well in combat situations in Kargil war by Gunjan Saxena and in different situations by other female pilots they were not allowed to fly fighter planes and face field combat in armed forces instead they had the technical office works and medical works on short commision. This was one the field where women were bifurcated from men on the basis of safety of the country and inability of women to do require work for armed forces.

Being said that on the other side US and other developed countries invites women and recruit them in armed forces and trainee them to tackle field combats. In india too the voice rose and women ask for their recruitment in armed forces by NDA examination. There is a case being carrying out to allow the entry of women in armed forces. Recently it has some updates which are as follows:

 Decision in favour of female


The Centre on September 8 gave the Supreme Court the “good news” that it had taken a decision to allow women entry into the National Defence Academy (NDA), so far a male bastion for recruitment into the Armed Forces.

If this decision comes through formally on paper, women can prepare for a career in the Armed Forces immediately after Class 1

“There is good news. The Forces at the highest level and the government has taken a decision last evening to induct girls for permanent commission through the National Defence Academy,” Additional Solicitor General Aishwarya Bhati informed a Bench led by Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and M.M. Sundresh.

The Bench asked the government to file an affidavit in this regard by September 22, the next date of hearing. It said the Armed Forces was a respected institution, but it had more to do regarding gender equality. The court admitted that it was not a happy situation for it to constantly nudge the authorities into taking action on bettering gender representation. The Bench said authorities needed to act by themselves.

The court commended Ms. Bhati for taking pro-active measures in favour of women interested in a career in the Armed Forces.

Ms. Bhati urged the court for the time being to maintain status quo about the admissions to NDA in the present academic year. The law officer said the NDA exam, originally scheduled for September 5, had been postponed to November.

“Consider granting status quo for this examination and let it continue, as it will need policy, procedure, training and infrastructure changes,” Ms. Bhati submitted.


On August 18, the court had issued an interim order allowing women candidates to take the NDA exam, which was then scheduled on September 5.

The court had also then questioned why “co-education is a problem” in the Armed Forces.

The court had orally observed that it was “absurd” that women were not allowed to appear for the NDA exam even after the Supreme Court, in a judgment, had directed permanent commission for women in the Army.


On February 17, 2020, the Supreme Court had upheld permanent commission for women officers.

The court had dismissed the government’s submissions that women were physiologically weaker than men as a “sex stereotype” and declared that Short Service Commission (SSC) women officers were eligible for permanent commission and command posts in the Army irrespective of their years of service.

Hopefully after the implementation of the draft women can take the NDA examination hence serve in armed forces just like men. It would be a huge leap jump in the women empowerment and social standing of women and will put almost in all fields of occupation equal to men.

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