Life Lessons that need to learn in teen age

Life Lessons

When it comes to the fate things come at their pace and at their specified time. But, there are many teachings which needs to be taught at the right time instead generally they come in later phase of life at which the time to use those teachings has already slipped from one’s hand. As a human every single second of your life teaches you something new in different ways which you have not known till that time. One learns to walk at his very early stage of life because it’s a necessary for a living being’s life to drive further. similarly one has to learn the language to communicate at starting of their lives because without language you can’t transfer the information to other human and lack of transaction of information leads to conflicts and a blockage to exist in society. And people educate themselves at the most suitable phase of their lives hence live their life in a more fluent way with the help of proper education. There is one thing to notice in all the above teachings or learnings of a person’s life that is they all came at right time of the life that’s why these learnings are able to convey their purpose and make a major impact on one’s life.
But what if any learning or teaching is not being taught at the right time or most suitable time of the life then there will be no positive impact of that teaching in one’s life. Being said that those teachings will not be worthless because if you learn something it’s never gonna be a waste for you life, it may not have any positive impact but it will surely not have a negative impact on anyone’s life.
There are plenty of those learning which should be taught at right time but people learn them too late in their life .

1) Parents are the most important people in your life:-

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In hindu religion parents are regarded as whole universe when Lord Ganesha walked around them when he was told to taks round all over the universe. Similarly, In Indian culture parents are being entitled equal to God. But the reality is people forget all these teachings as they grow into an adult and they disrespect their parents and even end up sending them to a old age home. When their own children shows the same behaviour as they showed to their parents then they realise what wrong they did at that time. So, learning the values of respecting and taking care of elders must get embedded in a person at their childhood and must continue to be present till the end.

2) Time management:-

In a student life the most common thing is that they all waste their time on those things which are not important at that point of time but when they get older and they face the world of competition to live a life they realise that they have wasted a golden phase of their life in useless things. At that time they should have learn required skills or education to live a better life and get a career. The teaching of time management should be taught to a person in their early age so that they could use their time wisely.

3) Health should be your first priority:-

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There is a saying that ” phela sukh nirogi kaya” which means the first major happiness is the illness free body. A healthy body will leads to a healthy mind and perfect mind can create or think better thoughts which results in better decisions and hence a better life. In the struggle of making money and career people forget about their health and continue their unhealthy routine which includes junk food, poor sleeping pattern, low physical activity and extreme mental stresses. After some years when body enters into its older version the health issues pops out and create problems in the life. So, one should always make sure that they do regular exercises, eat healthy food and take adequate sleep.

4) Don’t follow someone blindly:-

At the stage of teenage when a person is always confused to make decision about his/her life and career they generally tend to follow the path which was taken by their elders or they follow someone who is an icon of that field or they just follow what other majority of the population do. One of the major example is a general tendency to opt for science and maths in their higher academic fields because they follow the society’s views that science maths is made for intelligent and only it has got future. Instead one should always follow the path on which they want to walk and reach their dream career.

5) Say no whenever it is needed:-

life teaches you the lesson that you should not always agree to do or say everything you are told instead you should weigh the importance of the work and match with your priorities. if the work is not helpful for you and is just the waste of time then one should say no to those works. one of the example is going for outings and parties even after knowing that it will have a great impact on your study and hence on the examinations. This attribute should be embedded in a person in their early age.

6) keep yourself updated:-

General tendency of the people is that after reaching at certain level they stop learning and updating themself with new developments and advancements in society, science and technology etc. for example: After the lockdown education shifted to the online platforms but since the teachers were not updated and compatible with new technology they faced many problems to execute the process of education. So, one should always keep yourself updated.

7) Saving is must:-

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Generally in the teenage and adulthood people tends to spend most of their earnings to live their life at utmost pleasure and luxury. yes, spending money to live your life as you always wanted to is correct to some extent but one should do that after saving a portion of their earnings as their savings so that they could use those savings in the emergency or it can be used to live a better inife in future when one’s body retratiate to work and earn.

all the teachings mentioned above are a small portion of a long list of such learnings which should be taught at earlier age but generally they are being taught at later stage of the life. Hopefully all the information provided to you will help in your better career pathways. We wish you all the best for your future studies. For more career related guidance and articles please visit regularly
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